Freelance writer: corporate, travel, online and print

Hi, I’m Megan Blandford …


I’m a freelance writer based in Melbourne, pulling together words on travel, parenting, health and business – an odd mix that draws on my interests and experience. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

I made my writing start by blogging, so online writing is where I feel most at home. I do that for corporate clients, feature writing and blogging, and you can see samples of that work here.

When I was a kid, I’d scribble in books (naughty!) to pretend I’d written them, before making a fake signature in the front and selling them to adoring fans in my toy bookshop. Then I grew up and reality hit, so I got a “real” job, went to uni, and started climbing corporate ladders, and within a few years I was on the senior management team of a fast-growing national organisation, heading up their Human Resources department.

After having my first daughter and battling post-natal depression, I realised life was too short to do something I wasn’t passionate about. I left The Land Of Nine To Five on an instinctual whim, wound my way through a little world of chaos, and found my way to a real version of that childhood dream.